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FKT 1DP1A-SV Manometer, Air Speed Meter, and Airflow Meter

Measures Speed, Flow, Diff / Gage Pressure, Absolute Pressure, Temperature, Density, and Humidity

FlowKinetics FKT 1DP1A-SV included kit FlowKinetics FKT 1DP1A-SV meter sample screens

The FKT 1DP1A-SV is designed as a manometer, an air speed meter, and an air flow meter with automatic density correction. This instrument allows for the simultaneous measurement and display of differential pressure, atmospheric pressure, target gas temperature, relative humidity (RH), humidity ratio and density. Density is determined from the temperature, ambient pressure and humidity readings. Accurate measurements can also be done on gases other than air by the user modifying the molecular weight of the target gas. In conjunction with a flow probe such as Pitot-static, S type Pitot-static, Kiel or RAP, the FKT 1DP1A-SV can display measured speed accounting for true gas density.

The FKT 1DP1A-SV can be used to perform duct surveys for airflow monitoring with on-board integration of the speed profiles. In addition, this model estimates the uncertainty in your measurements for differential pressure, speed and volumetric flow rate. The instrument also interfaces with a PC using the FlowScan software suite allowing data logging and flow survey functions and can configure as a component of a data acquisition system.

US Flag Designed and Assembled in the USA



Specifications can be customized. Please contact us for details.


UV protected, water resistant and virtually unbreakable


Length: 8.7 in (220.9 mm)

Width: 7.5 in (190.5 mm)

Height: 3.9 in ( 99.1 mm)


2.93 lb (1.33 kg)

Working Temperatures

Operating: 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 60°C)

Storage: 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)

Power Supply

8 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries, field replaceable (batteries not included)

100V-240V AC auto-switching power supply (included)

Battery life

30hrs approx. with screen backlight off.

Pressure Connector

1/8 in barb, 0.41 in (10.45 mm) long by 0.19 in (4.9 mm) diameter.

Accepts 1/8 in ID rubber tubing

Differential pressure

For available pressure ranges see ordering information

One independent differential pressure transducer installed on each instrument

Zero offset and zero temperature shift: eliminated through auto-zero

Accuracy at 25°C: Typically within ±0.1% of Full Scale (±0.22% max).

User recalibration procedure available

Maximum simultaneous pressure on both ports for each sensor (above ambient):

  • 10 psi for sensors with a range of ±5inH2O or below.
  • 15 psi for sensors with a range of ±12inH2O or above.

Speed / Flow

For available speed ranges see ordering information

Corrected for gas density and humidity

Using a Speed probe with user selectable flow coefficient

User selectable gas molecular weight

Accuracy at 25°C: Typically within ±0.24% of full scale speed (±0.3% max)

Absolute pressure

Range: 2.2 -16.7 psi (15 - 115 kPa). Can be upgraded to a 30 psi (206 kPa) range. See the absolute pressure upgrade in the cartAccessories & Parts section for details.

Accuracy (0 to 85°C): ±0.5% of Full Scale typical, includes effects of linearity, temperature and pressure hysteresis, zero temperature shift and span temperature shift.


The instrument uses a K-type thermocouple and can display temperatures from -328°F to 1430°F (-200°C to 777°C)

The Included K-Type wire thermocouple has a range of -100°F to 900°F (-73°C to 482°C).

Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)

Quick disconnect miniature size connector

Cable length: 60 in (150 cm)

Relative Humidity

Range: 0 - 99% Relative Humidity, non-condensing

Accuracy: ±2% typical at 25°C, non-condensing

Response time (1/e): 15s in slow moving air at 25°C

Working temperature: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)

Storage: 0 to 90% Relative Humidity, non-condensing

Cable length: 60 in (150 cm)

Probe size: Cylinder 4 in (100 mm) long with a diameter of 0.5 in (13 mm).


Range: 0.05 - 10 kg/m3

Calculated using the absolute pressure, temperature and relative humidity readings as well as the molecular weight and ratio of specific heats set by the user.


±0.8% of reading from -328 to 32°F (-200 to 0°C) (average)

±0.5% of reading from 32 to 1432°F (0 to 777°C) (average)


User selectable from 1 to 64 data averages available.

K factor

Probe coefficient set by user. Range: 0.75 to 1.00


4-line large character variable contrast alphanumeric LCD with LED backlight.

Viewing area: 4.02 in (102 mm) by 1.63 in (41.5 mm)

Pressure units: kPa, inH2O, mmHg and psi

Speed units: m/s, ft/s and ft/min

Temperature units: °C and °F

Density units: kg/m3 and lb/ft3

Humidity units: percent & mass ratio (kg of water vapor / kg dry air)

Volumetric flux units: m/s, ft/s, ft/m, sft/m (scfm)

Mass flux units: kg/m2s, lb/ft2s, lb/ft2m

Compatible Mediums

Clean, dry, non-corrosive, non-flammable gases


RS232 serial port interface, 9-pin connector. USB adapter (USBA or USBA2) available as an accessory.


One year parts and labor.

Ordering Information & Accessories




Medium: Air at 20°C, 101.325 kPa Change...
Probe: Pitot-Static Change...
Duct size: 1m Dia Change...
  • Temperature reader (-200 to +777 deg C or -328 to 1430 deg F) with a wire thermocouple (-73 deg C to 482 deg C or -100 deg F to 900 deg F)
  • Humidity sensor (0 to 100%RH)
  • Absolute pressure transducer (15 to 115 kPa or 2.18 to 16.68 psi)
  • Neck/shoulder strap
  • Auto-zero and overload venting valve
  • Auto-switching power supply with USA plug
  • Carrying bag
  • Printed manual
  • Tubing
  • NIST-traceable calibration with data
  • Lead time: 3 weeks


Accessories & Parts

Speed and Flow probes

FKT series meter is compatible with all the Pitot-Static, S-type, RAP and Kiel probes we offer.

Click here to see available probes.

Meter Part Number Description Price


Where R is the pressure range from the table below.

Order Example:

FKT 1DP1A-SV-12 is an instrument with one ±12inH2O transducer.

Full system containing

  • One differential pressure transducer (for ranges see table below)
  • Temperature reader (-200 to +777 deg C or -328 to 1430 deg F) with a wire thermocouple (-73 deg C to 482 deg C or -100 deg F to 900 deg F)
  • Humidity sensor (0 to 100%RH)
  • Absolute pressure transducer (15 to 115 kPa or 2.18 to 16.68 psi)
  • Neck/shoulder strap
  • Auto-switching power supply with USA plug
  • Carrying bag
  • Printed manual
  • Tubing
  • NIST-traceable calibration with data.
R Differential Pressure / Speed Range
0 No transducer
0.25 ±0.25inH2O (±60Pa) , 50 - 2004 ft/min (0.3 - 10.1 m/s)
0.5 ±0.5inH2O (±124Pa) , 63 - 2536 ft/min (0.3- 12.9 m/sec)
1 ±1.0inH2O (±249Pa) , 100 - 4000 ft/min (0.5 - 20.3 m/sec)
5 ±5.0inH2O (±1.2kPa) , 224 - 8964 ft/min (1.1 - 45.5 m/sec)
12 ±12inH2O (±3kPa) , 347 - 13887 ft/min (1.7 - 70.5 m/sec)
20 -4 to +20inH2O , (-995 to +4.98kPa) , 448 - 17928 ft/min (2.3 - 91.0 m/sec)
60 ±60inH2O (±15kPa) , 776 - 25000 ft/min (4.0 - 127 m/sec)
130 ±130inH2O , (±32.3kPa) , 2285 - 25000 ft/min (11.6 - 127 m/sec)
200 ±200inH2O (±49.8kPa) , 2835 - 25000 ft/min (14.4 - 127 m/sec)
400 ±400inH2O (±99.5kPa) , 4009 - 25000 ft/min (20.4 - 127 m/sec)

Speed values are for standard air conditions and limited to incompressible flow. See FKT 2DP1A-C for compressible high-speed flow capabilities.

Other ranges available

Accessory Description Price
FlowScan Software Suite Software for logging and flow surveys $295.00
USBA USB to serial adapter for computers with no serial port. Length: 1ft (30cm). Windows 98/2000/ME/XP. $25.00
CABLE6 Serial cable replacement - 6ft (1.8m) $10.00
CABLE50 50ft (15.2m) serial cable. $30.00
Probes Needed if you are measuring speed or flow Link
Filter Kit Set of two 10-micron filters with replaceable elements. Includes a pack of 10 replacement filter elements. Useful for protecting the instrument in dirty environments. $50.00


Replacement auto-switching power supply (100V-240V AC 50-60Hz)

US plug included

Plug-EUR European plug for power adapter $7.00
Plug-UK UK plug for power adapter $7.00
Plug-AUST Australian plug for power adapter. $7.00

All prices are given in USD.

Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

Please contact us about applicable discounts.


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Temperature: (-200 to 1250 °C)

Pressure: (2 to 30 psi absolute)

Select test configuration and dimensions.

Round Duct:

Diameter (D):

Rectangular Duct:

Width (W):

Height (H):

Open Area:

Max Insertion (H):

Duct or mounting wall thickness (if any):

Select probe that you want to use to measure speed or flow.

Pitot-Static Probe

General use for determining point flow speed and flow rates from speed surveys

More details...

Rapid Averaging Probe (RAP)

Designed for quickly measuring average flow speed or flow rates in ducts

More details...

S-Type Probe

Designed for measuring speed in dirty flows such as smoke stacks.

More details...

Kiel Probe

Total pressure probe designed to measure speed where the direction of flow changes considerably during testing

More details...

Select this if you want to use your own probe.

Flow coefficient =

Corrected Speed=flow coefficient × Uncorrected Speed