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FlowScan Software Suite

FlowKinetics FlowScan software for FTK series meters

FlowScan allows an FKT series meter (FKT 3DP1A , FKT 2DP1A-C, and FKT 1DP1A-SV) to display air pressure measurements, air speed measurements and other flow conditions in a connected computer.



Suite Contents:

FlowScan stand-alone application

FlowScan provides the user with an easy to use interface that logs user specified data from the manometer. The software also has full data post-processing capabilities, allowing the calculation and graphical presentation of duct flow parameters such as speed, volumetric and mass flow rates in user specified units. The software has been designed for ease of use, and as such is extremely user friendly.

FlowScan can operate in two modes: Data Logging and Duct Survey.

Data Logging mode:

This mode configures the software to monitor or record all manometer outputs, including differential and absolute pressure, temperature, Relative Humidity etc. This mode has numerous sampling options that allow the user to control the number of readings in a sample, the spacing between samples and the total number of samples taken. These options afford great utility and allow the user to easily configure the software for process monitoring. Numerous real time data plotting and recording options are available as shown below. The data can be linked directly to an Excel worksheet.

FlowScan software showing pressure and speed readings as plots FlowScan software showing pressure and speed readings as tabular data

Data plot

Tabular data

FlowScan software showing pressure and speed readings as gages

Excel connectivity with monitoring

Duct survey mode:

Allows a user to acquire the volumetric and mass flow rate through a rectangular or circular cross-section duct. FlowScan guides the user in a step-by-step process to acquire needed speed data and performs all calculations automatically at the end of the survey. The software significantly simplifies the process of duct surveys, reducing potential errors and speeding up the acquisition process. Sample output screens are shown below

FlowScan software setup duct survey mode FlowScan software collecting data in rectangular duct survey mode

Duct selection

Rectangular duct traverse points

FlowScan software collecting data in circular duct survey mode FlowScan software showing duct survey results with Excel connectivity

Round duct traverse points

Flow rate results with Excel connectivity

FlowScan Add-In for Excel

The Microsoft Excel tool-bar Add-in allows the user to read the outputs from the FKT Series manometers directly into an Excel spread sheet. This allows the user to take advantage of all of Excel's built in features. The Add-in allows the user to set sampling options such that the program can be used for ongoing process monitoring. The Add-in is extremely simple to use. The add-in is compatible with Excel 97 or higher (32-bit versions only). A sample screen presentation with the Add-in is shown below.

FlowScan Excel add-in

Excel tool-bar Add-in

FlowLink Libraries

The libraries and interface code included with the FlowScan Software Suite allow a user to access the FKT instrument directly. The programming languages supported are:

Example codes are also included for each language. Any other programming language capable of using 32-bit Windows dynamic link libraries should also be able to access the FKT instrument. Below is an example of LabView using the FlowLink library to access an FKT instrument.

FlowScan library with LabView demo

LabView 5 using FlowLink

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FlowScan Suite

Full suite which contains

  • FlowScan stand-alone application
  • FlowScan Add-In
  • FlowLink libraries
  • 6 ft (1.8 m) serial cable (CABLE6)
  • Printed manual
  • CD
USBA USB to serial adapter for computers with no serial port. Length: 1ft (30cm). Windows 98/2000/ME/XP. $25.00
CABLE6 Serial cable replacement - 6ft (1.8m) $10.00
CABLE50 50ft (15.2m) serial cable. $30.00

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