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SwiftScan Software

SwiftScan software for FKS series meters

SwiftScan allows direct computer data acquisition of pressure and speed flow measurements using the FKS 1DP-PBM or FKS 1DP-PBM-E meters.



SwiftScan monitoring a signal and transferring data to Excel SwiftScan data saved into Excel and plotted
Monitoring a signal and transferring data to Excel Logged data saved into Excel and plotted


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Software package contains:

  • SwiftScan application
  • 6 ft (1.8 m) serial cable (CABLE6)
  • Printed manual
  • CD
USBA USB to serial adapter for computers with no serial port. Length: 1ft (30cm). Windows 98/2000/ME/XP. $25.00
CABLE6 Serial cable replacement - 6ft (1.8m) $10.00
CABLE50 50ft (15.2m) serial cable. $30.00

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